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Falsterbo Horseshow 2018

What e great week! 

🎉Falsterbo Horseshow 2018🎉

Gunnarlundas beautiful horses competed in the youngster classes -they behaved and performed so well!
We are so proud of the boys💙

⭐️Folksam Open 4-years old qualification:

🐴 Dortheasmindes Rockey 1373 & Jacob Nørby (e. Blue Hors Rockefeller / Sam Sam)
🥇WINNER with 82,6% 🏆

⭐️Folksam Open 4-years old Finals:

🐴Dortheasmindes Rockey 1373 & Jacob Nørby
🥈2nd place with 83,10%

⭐️Folksam Open 5-years old Semifinals:

🐴 Conde Nord 1347 & Jacob Nörby
(e. Charmeur/Hohenstein)
Recieved 68,52%
This dude was more focused on impressing the girls in the warm up ring. He keept bragging about how awesome he is - we know and we all heard you! 🤣

🐴Darian & Camilla Hulth
(e. Donnerschwee/Stedinger)
Recieved 70% through to the finals.

⭐️Folksam Open 5-year old Finals:

🐴Darian & Camilla Hulth
11 th. Place with 68,52%

⭐️Folksam Open 6-year old Semifinals:

🐴Havana T & Jacob Nørby
(e. Special D/Johnson)
Recieved 66,62%

⭐️Trikem 7-year old Championship qualification:

🐴Ellegårdens San Droneur & Jacob Nørby
(e. San Amour/De Noir)
🥇WINNER with 73,24% 🏆

🐴Sheeran & Jacob Nörby
(e. Sir Donnerhall I/Johnson)
7th. Place with 69,91%

⭐️Trikem 7-year old Championship Finals:

🐴San Droneur & Jacob Nörby
🥉3rd. place with 71,43% 🏆

🐴Sheeran & Jacob Nörby
9th. Place with 68,86%